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Milestone babycards

Milestone babycards
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Milestone babycards


These milestonecards are made to capture every milestone in your babies life.

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Big adventures start small. Your little one is growing and starts learning. The endearing moment he first said Mama, that sunny but so hectic first holiday as a family and that moment that the first tooth came through. You will never forget them with these milestonecards. Reached a milestone? Take out the suitable card, write down the date in the box and take a picture of your baby together with the card. There is room for notes and stories on the back of each card. Have you reached all milestones? Keep the cards in the box or put them in a photo album or scrapbook. Very nice to get, even more enjoyable to give.

Contents of the set (34 cards): – 15 cards with age – here I am – my first smile – my first bite – my first tooth – last night I slept through the night – I rolled over – I sit up – I stand up – I walk – I say mommy – I say daddy – as of today I can crawl – look at me waving – first Christmas – first holiday – First sleepover – look, I can swim – all the cards and gifts – today…





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