In verband met vakantie gelden er van 27 juli t/m 21 augustus andere levertijden. Klik hier voor meer informatie.

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Milestone pregnancycards

Milestone pregnancycards
Sfeerfoto milestonecards pregnancy
Milestonecards beide

Milestone pregnancycards


These milestonecards are made to capture every milestone in your pregnancy.

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Meer informatie

Psssst, can you keep a secret? Being pregnant is a special experience, which you, in the beginning, only share with your partner. But then there is the moment that you will tell everyone! The first ultrasound, the first moment that daddy felt your kick and the day the nursery is finished. All these beautiful moments: The smallest feet make the greatest traces in our hearts. The milestonecards are made to capture these memories. Reached a milestone? Pick the right card, write down the date in the box and take a picture of the moment with the card. There is space at the back of every card to write down notes and stories. Have you reached all the milestones? Keep the cards in the box or put them in a photo album or scrapbook. Very nice to get, even more enjoyable to give.

Contents of the set (20 cards): – Hooray pregnant – 8 cards with weeks of the pregnancy – the first ultrasound – we announced we are expecting you – your name – the nursery is finished – your first outfit – mommy felt your kicks – daddy felt your kicks – hooray you are a boy – hooray you are a girl – here I am – today…





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Aangepaste levertijden

Gedurende mijn vakantie van 27 juli t/m 21 augustus gelden er andere levertijden.

Bekijk voor meer informatie én een leuke vakantie korting het berichtg van 19 juli (met de palmboom) op Instagram of Facebook.

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